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Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder


Let the Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder do all the work for you, while you sit back and relax, or get other work done!

Use this product to set your hook for use when you're not around. You'll be able to catch many more fish with the use of more rods and rod holders. Save your time, and let the Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder do the work.


  • High impact resistant construction and stability. This fishing rod holder is very easy to stick into the soil and stabilize your fishing rod. It's able to withstand a maximum tension of 110 pounds.

  • Fishing rod holder with spring-loaded tip-up action sets your hook automatically.

  • Line trigger activates tip-up only when fish pulls the hook, so there are no misfires.

  • Built-in ground stakes. The circular plate makes it easy to push into the with your hand directly.

  • No rust or corrosion. The fishing rod holder is made of high-quality all-metal materials.
  • Perfect for shore fishers with many rods out at the same time. The spring-loaded rod holder pulls back whenever a fish is detected on the line. Using an innovative way of stringing the line through a hook on the device, it's easy to detect when a fish is on the line.

  • The spring-loaded fishing rod holder has three different levels of sensitivity, so if one setting is too sensitive or not sensitive enough for the fish you're trying to catch, just adjust the setting on the device.