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Carbon Crystal Car Air Purifier

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Breathe freely and in peace in your car! This car air purifier contains activated carbon crystals to effectively decompose formaldehyde and car odor, efficiently purify, and protect the health of your family. 

Just as an air purifier can bring health benefits to you and your family in your home, so does the Carbon Crystal Car Air Purifier when inside your car. Your vehicle, as sophisticated and modern as it may be, can still be filled with many unseen microorganisms, dust, and other particles that may expose you or any of your passengers to potential health threats.

  • Simple Design:The appearance is simple with a sense of design, just like an inherent device in the car, without affecting the interior beauty and space.

  • Activated Carbon Crystal Purifying Air: Natural activated carbon effectively decomposes formaldehyde and car odor, purifies efficiently, and protects the health of your family.

  • Magnetic Body Casing: Strong magnetic cover, firmly adsorbed; gently put to lock the charcoal parcel.

  • Clip-on Installation: Simpler clip-on strap design, press once to fix, easy to install