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Giant Spider Halloween Decoration

Creep out your neighbors, guests or trick-or-treaters with the Giant Plush Spider. Designed with eight legs in black with gray tufts of hair and two big iridescent eyes, this creepy, crawly spider will give a fun fright to friends and family. Whether you hang it from the door, tether it to a ground stake to display in your yard, or arrange it over the fireplace or on a window panel, this giant plush spider decoration will create the perfect creepy ambiance to set the right tone for a scary Halloween night.


  • Medium 90cm
  • Large 150cm
  • Extra Large 200cm


  • Giant spider prop adds creepy touch to your Halloween decorations
  • Realistic-looking black legs with tufts of gray hair and big iridescent eyes for scary fun
  • Humongous size faux spider is great for decorating outdoors, doors and windows
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use