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  • Hands Free Fun: Our LED UFO Drone has infrared sensitive technology with 5 infrared sensors, just throw the saucer in the air gently, then it can start to fly automatically, and it will fly in the opposite direction once your hands are close to it. Stop the aircraft by grabbing it or flipping it over.
  • Hovering and Full Circle Auto Fly: The UFO aircraft is built in 4 powerful rotation motors to provide power of a complete 360° rotation flying. There is also a high flight hover when flying to a certain level. With a built in 2 second timer, without any interaction the aircraft will descend a little and hover again.
  • Rechargeable Battery and Shining LED Light Indicator: The drone has a built-in and rechargeable Lithium battery that only needs 40 minutes to charge fully. It also has 2 speed models, green light for normal speed and blue light for fast speed. The flying toy is also beautiful played indoor at night with the LED indicator
  • High Quality Materials: This UFO drone is made of non-toxic and high grade ABS material which is lightweight, flexible and collision resistance. The bouncy material design can resist damage when it falls. 5 infrared sensors ensure that the plane flies in the opposite direction before it hits you or the wall, using experience is much more better than the other 3 infrared sensors low-level versions.


🚀 Spacial Aware with built in 360 Degree Sensors
🚀 Lets your family's creativity and imagination go wild
🚀 Vivid and amazing LED lights
🚀 Fun UFO Shape

hand controlled flight

Throw To Start Invert To Stop

You just need to gently throw the drone into the air and it will take flight.

The drone uses advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology, inductive suspension, and collision protection. The built-in gyroscopes control accuracy and sensitivity for balance.

When you're done playing with, simply catch it and flip it to stop it. It's that easy.
Throw for flight

This High-tech sensing UFO drone toy looks like it comes from space with its bright LED lights. Our UFO drone can be suspended in the air, also it can fly in all directions according to inductive sensor, and the best part? No remote control. You simply use your hand to move this drone.

This addictive and fun toy is an activity everyone in the family can enjoy!

ALSO, Keeping you, your kids, and even your cat entertained while playing with this UFO Drone!



  • 1* UFO Drone
  • 1* Body Battery
  • 1* Spare fan blade
  • 1* Protective Frame
  • 1* USB charging cable
  • 1* Screwdriver