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Night Vision Driving Glasses

These Night Vision Driving Glasses make it easier to drive at nighttime or in bad weather!

These glasses will reduce nighttime glare when driving, and help refuse the blinding oncoming lights you see. Especially great if you're driving on bad-lit roads with lots of oncoming headlights!


  • Reduce glare, add contrast, and increase visual clarity when you drive at night or in bad weather. Ensure safe driving on rainy or foggy days.
  • Lightweight: There is no added pressure to your nose, even if you already have your regular prescription glasses on
  • Prescription Glasses: The night vision glasses are specially designed for wearing over prescription glasses.
  • UV Protection: Sunglasses are essential to protecting your eyes against UVA and UVB damage and keep your eyes healthy. 


    • If the frame of your prescription glasses is longer than 5.9 inches, or its height is larger than 1.7 inches, the Night Vision Driving Glasses may not fit over them.


    • Size: 5.9 X 5.5 X 1.7 inches ( L X W X H )